Devlog: 2020 November New Build

Hello alchemists! 

We have good news: new build. And with some interesting novelties such as ingredients that have completely changed their appearance.

  • New models for the Fast Ingredient and the Invisible Ingredient
  • New scene lighting
  • New map layouts (now we really have 1k!)
  • Improved feedback in outline and the two new ingredients' models
  • Decrease in the number of assets per room, with a cleaner and clearer distribution
  • Card minigame loading optimization
  • Improved character movement while carrying the Cauldron or Heavy Ingredient
  • Minor bug fixes

Thanks for reading us and for being part of the development of Pots and Potions. If you have any comments about the game or would like to tell us something, you can write to us here -> hello [at]

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Nov 06, 2020

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